This care page and the discussion board was created by Petra Grujiic (Pep or Pepito). Pep was only 19 at the time she created HTP and had already suffered greatly from the cancer that was to consume her. But she never let the disease touch her soul. She founded HTP and gave it as much time, love and devotion as she did all her pets. Being from Croatia, her English was not textbook, but the understanding and care she gave to her turtles and to each person on the forum broke all language barriers. Her goal and our continued efforts are to maintain a site where turtle lovers can learn, converse and brag about their turtles.

We are a dedicated site that specializes in the constantly updated information of turtle needs and care. Feel free to browse through our topics above and join us in the discussion forum. We look forward to meeting you and your turtles!


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Donated money goes towards operating costs for this website to have it hosted and to pay for the domain name. No staff members receive a salary. this is a volunteer organization only!

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